Larah by Borosil Red Carnation 6P Cup Set

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  • Features:
  • Made of toughened opal glass which is extra strong and long lasting
  • Chip and scratch resistant for carefree durability
  • Patterns won’t fade or wear off, even after repeated use in the dishwasher
  • 100% vegetarian as it is completely bone ash free, unlike bone china
  • 100% food safe and will not leech any chemicals into your food
  • Does not absorb stains or odors
  • Extremely hygienic and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Dishwasher safe and microwave safe
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  • Red Carnation Cup Set 140 ml x 6
  • Item Dimensions with Box: 33 cm x 15.5 cm x 8.9 cm
  • Item Weight: 780 g
  • Included Components: 6 N Cups (140 ml)

Red Carnation




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